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The Freeloader

Many thanks to Domania for providing us with this free service.

Special thanks to my friend, FirDarrig, the biggest "Gif Junkie" on the web.

For more great sites, check out

Marney's F Key Saver.

Loads of Graphics

A+B+C Graphics

Angel's Castle of Gifs

Animated Gif Finder

Anne's Place: Holidays & Special Occasions

Backgrounds by ~Rexy

Big Daddy Benders

Blisskin's Links and Animations

Cindy's Gifs & Animation for Webtv

Cool Archives

ƒancymay's Links

Free Clipart Castle

Gest Home USA

Gifs from Fila

Great Graphics Vault

Imaging Man

Jennifer's Favorite Links

Jewel's Humble World

Katy's Kubicle

Marketwizz Resources

Nancy's Gifs


Pat's Web Graphics

Rainbows World

R C's Clipart Gallery

Ron's Beach House

Sets By Andy

Smokey 4's Place

Susans Webtv Friendly Graphics

Just Plain Useful and Interesting

Acme License Maker

Acronym Finder

Alta Vista Translations

Bell Lab's Text To Speech

B J's World

Buck Babies Printables

Castle Grand

Copy Cat Receipes

D. J.'s Little Fishies

Dr Bob's Niffty List of Web Sites

Digital Photo Storage

Earh Watch Weather Cams

eOrganizer: Personal Organizer

Great Belly

Home Town America Homepage

The Info Service

International Sites

Jackie's Angels and Friends

Leonard's Live Web Cams

Log Me On.Com

My Freebies.Com

Net Lingo: The Internet Language

Library Of Congress

Roget's Thesarus

State Songs

Three g's World

Unclaimed Inheritances

View from Satellite

Weather Bars

WeatherNet: Weather Cams

World Time Zones

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