Everything you see on this page was sent to me in email or I found it in my favorite newsgroup, WebTv Addicts. The sites and gifs are all meant to make you laugh.

Optical Illusions

The Love Calculator

The Scary Multiplying Bunny

Virus Alert Trick

Rotten. Com

Your Past Life

Drives Like a Moron

Potty Break


Flamingos in Monte Carlo

Free Internet Love Test

What Do You See?


You Know You're Addicted 2

Dress an Apple

Bad Day

Joey Green

Virtual Vomit

Things to do When You're Bored

News of the Weird

Paradise Web Theater

Smiles< P>Stupid Human Noises

Celebrity Vomit Page

Yes That's It

Cliche Finder


Playcow Index Frame Page

F12: the 12 Keys

Land of the Lost Socks

Mine Car

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